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Psychological safety allows for inclusion. Inclusion creates diversity. Diversity facilitates performance.

With an increasing demand for Mental Health training  and education across schools and workplaces, Pharus Training delivers Online and In-house Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to organisations to help create cultures where people feel comfortable talking about their mental health!

Our courses are safely facilitated by expert MHFA Instructor Members to guide you through a reflective journey of hope for recovery, leaving learners with a deeper understanding of how to better support themselves and others.

MHFAiders® are empowered to provide support where it is needed and begin to shape a healthier workplace with a thriving culture with confidence, community, and access to exclusive resources and events.


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Our Courses

Explore the Pharus Training course catalogue to discover a wide range of training options and timeframes, from Mental Health Awareness sessions to a full Mental Health First Aider® certification valid across the UK.

Online or In-House Options

Our courses are delivered online or at your workplace by one of our qualified and quality-assured Mental Health First Aid Instructor Members with a diverse background and experience in mental health and a unique ability to engage and motivate learners.

Our Instructors are here to help raise awareness of and challenge mental health stigma and discrimination across society by making mental health education fun, empowering, and inspirational.


Why Mental Health First Aid?

Impact of mental illness in the workplace

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental illness each year. In 2016, 15.8 million UK work days were lost due to mental illness.*

The largest causes of sickness absence for our country’s workforce is depression, stress, and anxiety. Mental illness costs UK businesses around £35 billion every year, this equates to £10.6 billion lost to sickness absence, £21.2 billion in reduced productivity, and £3.1 billion in substituting staff members who vacate their roles due to mental illness.


New MHFAider Support App®

With the MHFAider Support App®, you can gain access to exclusive resources and ongoing learning opportunities to improve your wellbeing strategy. The data-driven insights enable you to understand organisational-wide wellbeing issues and trends, to develop and track the impact of your mental health and wellbeing strategy, and to empower your people to keep their learning and confidence alive, to quickly reference resources for sign-posting, and to understand what is current with mental health and wellbeing support.

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"This was a really informative session that flagged a lot of unconscious biases and misunderstandings in my knowledge of mental health and I feel I have more language and in-depth understanding of how to approach talking about it when needed."

- Wysing Arts Centre

Your Team of MHFA Instructors

Our Philosophy

Recognising the signs of poor mental health is central to the Pharus Training philosophy. From pain to purpose, our love for inspiring hope for recovery has become a survivor’s mission that will never change!


Amanda Townsend - Director & CEO, Adult/Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Andrea Corbett - Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Mike Lawrence - Adult MHFA Instructor Member


Mike Thakoordin - Adult MHFA Instructor Member


Jo Wood - Adult/Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Vacancy - Adult/Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Vacancy - Adult/Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Vacancy - Adult/Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Vacancy - Adult/Youth MHFA Instructor Member


Become a part of the Pharus team!

We are looking for MHFA Instructors!

Pharus Training is currently on the lookout for certified MHFA Instructor Members who are able to work with and manage underrepresented people and are equally passionate about making a lasting difference across society.

Assist us in helping others by uniting our passion for making a difference in the lives of those in need. Let’s get this conversation started by registering your interest below.

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